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Cloud Based Service is Our Business

At DHX Global, delivering Cloud Based Service is our business. We are  Cloud software and Service provider specializing in the commercial and custom software as a service applications, such as, community management,  message communication route,   document transportation and storage,  web content management, Digital encryption  and  Digital asset management (Photo, Audio, Video) etc.

DHX software provides clients with an "on demand" service with easy application interface to their in-house software application. Whether functioning as an integrated part of the client team, or developing the entire application for them, we provide clients with resource flexibility and expertise at a cost that makes good business sense.

Unlocking Your Resource Constraints

Is your development project growing unwieldy? Are your technical resources stretched to the breaking point? Discover how DHX expertise can unlock your resource constraints, augment your in-house activities, and deliver quality results that slide seamlessly into your project.

You can depend on DHX expertise to achieve your project goals. Our team has an intimate knowledge of development and testing best practices gained from years of diverse real-life experience. DHX understands and supports software development methodologies and testing methodologies that effectively mitigate risk factors and allow us to deliver on-time, on budget, and with greater timeline predictability.  

Helping You Save Money in Your Daily Operation of Your Business

The Cloud Based Software and Service can help you save money in your daily operation of you business. DHX will delivery daily support to your cloud service,  only you need  to call us to get help. You don't need to buy high tech computer or server in you location, you need  to have internet connection only. etc